Power Symbol Aliveness

This month’s shamanic Power Symbol gives you a deeper sense of your own aliveness and the abundance contained in every single moment on earth.

Recently I had the honor to create a shamanic Power Symbol on the topic of aliveness for a client. As is often the case, this assignment fit my own process perfectly. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted here for two months. On the one hand, because I had to move again, and on the other hand, because this year I have dealt more deeply with the topic of embodiment.

Yes, we are immortal souls in human shells.
Yes, life on earth is probably more of a dream that we dream as universal beings than a reality that we ourselves end with.

But still, we have chosen to be embodied here and now.
To own a human physical body.

I only realized how often I had overrun, controlled and dominated this body when I made more space available to its sensations. A strange path for a mental person like me, and yet it frees me more every day.

And the more my physical body is allowed to be what and how it is, the more vitality flows into my cells. The joy of jumping returns, the joy of lounging, the joy of just sitting on the floor… This childlike joy of inhabiting a body. Go on adventures with it, in it, in this fascinating world. To take care of it like it takes care of me.

And this renewed discovery of aliveness has taken me very, very far away from screens. Into the haptic reality that always surrounds us but is hidden by the blue light.

Into feeling without thinking, experiencing without judgment.

What a gift this life is!