As Above So Below

As Above So Below

As Above, So Below
As Within, So Without
As The Universe, So The Soul

As the universe, so the soul… Calm and eternal and full of undiscovered worlds within. 

I’m doing a lot of storystudying these days. The stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves and the world. About our past and our future and our now.

So. many. stories.

Maybe they are all true. But even if they are, they are not true on their own. Because neither have we experienced everything that happened in that one moment, nor is our knowledge of the larger context comprehensive enough to really be able to form a picture of them.

Stories are a survival mechanism. Man wants definition; to demarcate his ego, to make it tangible. Absolutely sensible, understandable – if we know how to dance with the definitions. But if we become the stories, we get stuck in them. The ego, which previously offered security and protection, becomes a golden cage.

Dancing with stories rather than petrifying them within us also enables us to see that our stories have many, many mirrors in this world. That truly nothing just happened to us. That, for example, everyone feels uprooted in times of end-capitalism – whether they are aware of it or not. Whether they would call it that or not.

The story of uprooting is the story of the wounded root chakra. Of the tree without roots, without a deep connection to the earth and its rhythms. Each individual experiences their own small part of this uprooting, and it manifests itself in many facets.

Not because the uprooting is progressing. But because it comes to an end. Because new, fine ramifications appear where previously ancient, rotten remains tried to find a foothold. Outside the storm of change is still raging; inside you can already feel the clarity and fertile ground after the storm. Not visible yet, but noticeable.

A new root system that finds security in being connected and supported. In being connecting and supporting. That sends the no longer serving stories down into the Earth Mother to redeem them. To create space for new visions, which are sent through us by Father Heaven.

This month’s shamanic Power Symbol gives you a deeper understanding of the concept of “as above, so below” and helps you remember that you are the center between the forces we call heaven and earth. It nourishes your inner core, strengthens your connection with the source of all that is, and invites more freedom and self-esteem into your field.

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