Leiten einer Verbindungszeremonie

Why Enso Elea?

I’ve been through things in my life that I don’t think one should go through alone. Therapeutic support is a part of the journey, but what’s more important in my experience is that you don’t feel alone in what you’re experiencing.

During my stays with indigenous tribes, I have learned that everything is easier for us when we feel we belong.

Not because someone else will solve our problems for us. But because we are supported by the community while we learn to solve our own problems.

Communities work through regularity, because not everyone feels comfortable in a new space of people. And they work when everyone involved really wants to be there.

My weekly Zoom meetings are called Flow Sessions because we flow with whatever is showing up. But it’s about something much deeper: a weekly date with yourself, sustained by a community.

With the possibility of exchange before, after or at any time via Telegram. A small window of time in the whirl of life that is for you alone. Where you can meet what otherwise has no space. What is otherwise not carried.

Where you can dance with what moves you. Let it move through you… and then feel it let go. Because a lot of what we carry around with us only wants one thing: to be expressed. Be acknowledged. Be hugged. And then travel on.

During a Flow Session, we either travel shamanically together, do nurturing exercises, meditate, dance our hearts out or create something with our own hands. Each week’s program is individual, as I always work with what shows itself in that moment in time.

We meet every Wednesday at 9 pm via Zoom. Only I am filmed and every session is recorded in case you miss one.

You can test if you like Enso Elea With Flow one full week for free if you feel called 🌟