The Me In Between

Das Ich Dazwischen

My name is Dada, and I have been in contact with the spiritual world and its inhabitants since I was reborn into physical reality in May of 1988. For decades, I was made believe that I am sick, that something is wrong with me – until I came into contact with plant medicines and they became my master teachers.

They made me understand that I am far from crazy – I am just very wide. That means, I can switch my consciousness with anything within material reality and do so often, just for fun, but also for work. Over the years my master plant teachers trained me in many aspects of the shamanic work with sound and pure Chi (energy) as well as how to channel symbols by encoding power into visual structure.

I spend my days studying the inner worlds of the human sub-, day- and superconscious, Astral Travelling for my clients and their wellbeing and channeling new Symbol Codes to initiate my clients into Higher Levels of working with their own Chi.

Otherwise I like to stroll through the woods with my cat Otorongo to collect herbs, roots and seeds for my witchy adventures. Also, I am a child of the moon and the water – like any true willow (my sign in celtic tree astrology), you will most likely find me close to bodies of sweet water like streams and lakes.

I’m happy the universe brought you here somehow – if you are interested in awakening some more of your Chi or even activate the healer within you, you might wanna check out Gnothi Seauton. It gives you a structure to meet yourself in a sacred space of non-judgement and nurturing care.

Te Et Ton Ra – Walk In Your Own Light!