Power Symbol Aliveness

This month’s shamanic Power Symbol gives you a deeper sense of your own aliveness and the abundance contained in every single moment on earth. Recently I had the honor to create a shamanic Power Symbol on the topic of aliveness for a client. As is often the case, this assignment fit my own process perfectly. You may have noticed

As Above So Below

As Above So Below

As Above, So BelowAs Within, So WithoutAs The Universe, So The Soul As the universe, so the soul… Calm and eternal and full of undiscovered worlds within.  I’m doing a lot of storystudying these days. The stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves and the world. About our past and our future and our now. So. many.

Shamanism From My Point Of View

Source Balance Symbol in Gold

I used spring, which was blessed with a lot of rain here in Switzerland, to completely revamp my website. It is now much clearer and more accessible. You will often come across the word “shamanic” when discovering it. Hence I would like to share my personal views on the use of this term in the western

Being A Tree

The Tree of the Universe In Circle

Spring is my absolute favorite season. Everything blooms and awakens to new life – so do my ideas and projects every year. A lot happens around this time in my anyways busy life. Also I see the dance of the tides strongest in spring; how winter doesn’t just voluntarily give up its place, and summer has



This Symbol tells the story of the web and its weavers. In all ancient cultures there is a story about one or more mythical beings who determine the destiny of humans and the universe by weaving or untying the threads of faith. In Norse mythology we see the three Norns, which I like to call past,

Celtic Tree Astrology : Hazel

Celtic Tree Astrology Hazel

BIRTH DATE: AUGUST 05 – SEPTEMBER 01 ANIMAL: SALMON      TOPIC: THE KNOWER Visions, Instinct, Intellect, Creativity, Inspiration, Knowledge, Mindfulness Find a collection of all the Celtic Tree Horoscope Ogham Signs in Enso Elea!

Rune comes from Secret

Runen Kommt Von Raunen

When I was traveling through Ireland in 2011, I received a small polymer clay bead from one of my new acquaintances. It was maybe the size of a penny and had a blue symbol painted on the yellow background. Astonished, I studied this new code, which I hadn’t seen before, and then had my friend

Rune Secrets : Laguz


Name: LAGUZ Tone: L Main Topic: WATER Crystal: LAPIS LAZULI Color: BLUE Supports the development of mental abilities and mindfulness.  Laguz stands for water and is associated with all elements of the sea. Just as the sea tests the sailor, Laguz tests us, too, by confronting us with tasks that push us to our limits and



The Unalome is a symbol from Buddhism and is often described as a sign of the path to enlightenment. Since the concept of enlightenment is a very abstract concept in the West, I usually say that it is the symbol of the path from separation to totality. The symbol begins at the center of the