The Amethyst takes its name from the Greek “amethystos” which means “sober” or “not drunk”.

This naming is most likely due to its ability to keep its wearer cool in stressful situations. The amethyst has proven itself as a test stone; It is advisable to wear an amethyst on your body (in the form of jewelry or as a tumbled stone in your pocket) or to put it on the table in front of you during every kind of test in life.

Even hotheads who haven’t found the right way to deal with their anger would do well to carry an amethyst with them. This is because amethyst gets its beautiful purple color from growing in a very hot environment and contains iron oxide and manganese – so it knows how to deal with excess heat!

The amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra and the zodiac sign Pisces. In meditation, it supports you in keeping your focus and letting everyday thoughts calm down. In addition, it opens us to the perception of other worlds and lets us look at our problems from a higher perspective.

Anyone who places an amethyst on the crown chakra will experience an opening to the astral plane over time and will be able to switch to meditative states with increasing ease.

During my magickal rituals, I like to use the power of amethyst in combination with lavender blossoms and cinnamon, which creates a wonderful energetic harmony. If you would like to learn how to use the power of crystals in magick, or would like a personal introduction to the world of stones in general, you are welcome to book a Chi Session with me!

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