Some Background Information

Dada Chi Portrait

I’m currently on the way to a metaphysical room cleansing. There’s a lot to say about this! For example, that there are two types of cleansing. The first is the one that many also practice at home; Just as we sweep the dust out of our physical spaces, we sweep stuck bits of thoughts and



The pearl is a symbol of inner growth. Do you know how it is made? A grain of sand or other foreign body such as a mite or similar finds its way inside a shell. The shell cannot spit out the foreign body, so she encapsulates it in the innermost layer of her mantle, which

Kintsugi – The Art Of Trauma and Healing

Von Trauma Und Heilung - In Wu Wei

In the following I describe a process that happens to all of us in life anyway; so far rather unconsciously. Since we are becoming more and more aware of our inner processes, we must also deal with them more consciously. That’s why I’m taking you on a little trip. I burned a hole in my



The Amethyst takes its name from the Greek “amethystos” which means “sober” or “not drunk”. This naming is most likely due to its ability to keep its wearer cool in stressful situations. The amethyst has proven itself as a test stone; It is advisable to wear an amethyst on your body (in the form of

The Web of Wyrd

Web of Wyrd

Back in 2010, I was not doing very well. I had lost my job due to burnout, my doctor wanted me to apply for social care due to my mental insufficiency and I had almost no money because I had already earned very little before. Sad and often alone, I sat at home, diligently wrote

Two Wolves

Two Wolves

When the white man reached Turtle Island, which people now call “The United States of America,” he found people there who were different from himself. They only covered their nudity where it was of practical use, and otherwise had very different customs from those known to the white man. For example, the native people of

The Me In Between

Das Ich Dazwischen

My name is Dada, and I have been in contact with the spiritual world and its inhabitants since I was reborn into physical reality in May of 1988. For decades, I was made believe that I am sick, that something is wrong with me – until I came into contact with plant medicines and they